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In 2006 Crosswired Entertainment was young and full of energy. This was their website. For those of us who followed Crosswired Entertainment it was a shock when the site finally disappeared from the web. You can not image my surprise when I recently I discovered that the domain for was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and revealing in reading the old content. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with what Crosswired Entertainment was all about. As I started to do the search for the site's archived pages, out of the blue I received a phone call from my parents who had decided that they would come to visit me in two weeks. Would it be a problem, they asked. Not at all I replied. As soon as I got off the phone I immediately did a search for fast carpet cleaning nyc. I knew I could hire a cleaning lady to get the apartment looking good, but I knew the wall to wall carpets and area rugs needed more than a good vacuum. My mother would have been proud of me ( she of the spiffily cleaned house). By the time the highly trained technicians with their specialized equipment were finished I felt like I was in a totally different apartment. The area rugs took a week, but the wall to wall carpets were done the day I called. I even was convinced that the extra money for the Scotch Guard treatment which they said would offer noticeable protection against many stains such as oil, red wine, ink, pet urine among others, and help increase my carpet fibers’ resistance to soiling was well worth it. Sounded good to me. My cleaning lady smiled when she saw the carpets and congratulated me on my wisdom. Hah, it was no wisdom, just the fear of my mother's critical eye. My Home Carpet & Upholstery Care saved my butt, that's for sure. After finishing reconstructing this page for, I decided to see if I could discover what happened to Crosswired Entertainment. I sure hope all the writers ended up on their feet doing some more awesome writing gigs. No luck in the discovery process, but at least I can take visitors down memory lane.

So hang on for a nostalgic trip back to 2006.....


Crosswired Entertainment​ Mission Statement

To build a world-class entertainment and media enterprise that will generate a sound return, a strong competitive edge, and bring news to our clients in an efficient, and effective way in an expanding, yet increasingly competitive global market.


Company History

Crosswired Entertainment is the brainstorm of Janine Macdonald and David Griffith. Both were University students when they came up with the idea to create an entertainment website. They wanted to design a site that would cater to not only, their diverse musical tastes, but also to the taste of others.

Recruiting Luke Marten and Kyle McGrath in 2005, they started researching what was actually online already. Quickly realising that there weren’t any websites that they could access that categorized their diverse musical tastes, they set out to create a site that would.

From there the Crosswired Entertainment took on a life on its own. Instead of developing a musical site, it became a site where consumers could go to read about movies, music, books and essentially entertainment.

Crosswired Entertainment have not stopped there. They have gone from developing a website to developing their own television show called Xwired TV.

Produced by Southern Television, Xwired TV can currently be seen on Channel 31, Thursday night/Friday morning at 1am.

Crosswired Entertainment is also in the process of producing a radio show, called, naturally Xwired Radio.

Another exciting aspect of the website is a section called The Green Room. Split into four sections: Models Inc, Writer’s vault, Actors Workshop and Backstage, it is designed for models, writers, actors and musicians to have a place to put their folios up online.

While Crosswired Entertainment is still a fairly young company, they believe that they have the strengths to become a successful and viable company that will produce quality media vehicles.


Crosswired Entertainment is proud to announce that we have brokered a deal with Channel 31 and the first series of our show, X-wired Tv will be premiering on Channel 31 on February 9th at 1am.

For more news on our show check out xwiredTv

News update:

February 05th 2006
Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora call it quits, One Tree Hill do it for cancer, Tyler Hilton releases new single, Kiss headline rockfest and more 

Our writers page has been updated, so you can check out our profiles, and who we are. Put a face to our names and words in a sense...


The Scowlers are a Melbourne band that have been together since 2004. With gigs on rotation at Monash University, The Glasshouse, The arthouse, Brunswick Hotel and The Green Room they've had a busy schedule.

Describing their music as aggressive, enigmatic, quick, dynamic, rock n roll and punk, The Scowler recently had their EP launch at Revolver and Janine Macdonald sat down with Gavin and Branny to discuss their latest EP and their future.




The Million Dollar Whores Review 2008

The Million Dollar Whores came together in February of 2006. Their music influences range from Goth to Glam Metal, giving the band a big melodic, raw, rock sound.

The band played their first show at the Gershwin room on Saturday May 13th.

The band is a combination of Heff's heavy drumming, Eden's rumbling basslines, Bud's shredding guitars and Rick's powerful and raw vocals.

The band list their influences as Motley Crue, Ratt, Murderdolls and Kiss among others.

The Million Dollar Whores put on a energetic live show with lots of 'kicks 4 tricks'.

You can also check out their music backstage

The name million dollar whores evokes images of glam rockers such as Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat or L.A Guns, is there a specific meaning behind the name and how did you come up with it?

-Well we're glam rock whores that just live, eat, breathe rock'n'roll and the name was suggested to Rick (singer) at a night club by an old friend. And it's just stuck to us like glue.

You mentioned in your footnotes for your mini Ep that you have been together since February 06, how did you all meet and finally get together?

-Rick (singer) met Bud (guitarist) at a night club and Trev (ex-bassist) had a add in Beat, Rick gave us all copies of demos to learn from. Rick organised to met up in a stuidio together and have been rock'n hard since.

You're a fairly new band, and playing all over Melbourne. What can people expect from the band and your shows?

- Four guys dressed in crazy glam rock clothes pullin out the old school tricks on stage with the rough raw rock sound.

You've mentioned that your influences are the Crue, and Kiss. What is it about these two bands that really influenced you?

-Just how they dress up on stage and put on a awesome show as well as powerful songs, they also shocked a lot people back then in more ways than one.

Kiss and Motley are well known for their live shows, and both really take it to their audience- is that something you see yourself doing in the future with your shows?

-For sure, nothing like getting the crowd involved.

How important do you think it is for a band to have that kind of connection with their fans?

-It helps bring the show alive, just knowing that they're having as much fun as we are playing for them.

What is your opinion of the music industry today, as compared to the bands that have come out of the 70s,80s, and early 90's?

- Well there realy hasn't been anything like the old bands in a very long time, which can have it's ups and downs, how often do you see a band dress up outragous these days? Bring back the ol' Hair metal days I say!

How would you describe the band in one word?

- Whores

You've produced four songs, that have gone up on the Crosswired website, what are your plans for producing more songs, and when can we expect this to happen?

-There are plans on recording an album as soon as we are ready, mabye in a few months after a few more shows.

Tell me a little about the songs whiskey and tattoos, sex, all I want, and freak. (How did they come about? Who wrote them and where and when were they recorded?)

-All of the song are written by Rick (singer) around 2000, Whiskey & Tattoos; well that is pretty much our passion, drinkin on a weekend watchin hot rods, tattoos. Sex; guess what this song is about ;). And Freak; is about how we dress up and people look at you like the freak you are but we're look at them as sheep dressing up the same all the time as the chorus goes "I'd rather be a freak than a sheep" All demo songs were recorded in a studio with the old line up with Rick.

Australia has produced some top musical bands in the likes of silverchair, end of fashion, Ben Lee to name a few. What does the future hold for the Million Dollar Whores?

-Only time will tell, in the end it's all upto the fans who listen to our stuff and come along to our shows.

Where can fans see you perform next?

- Back in the day (Melb) 19th August, Venue details: Back in the day


Wendy Moore Review 2008

Wendy Moore ran into Ace Frehley while he was out with Eric Singer (at that time the drummer for ALICE COOPER). It was Ace's first night in L.A., as he had been moved out temporary to the West Coast by KISS' management because the band had to record the album that would become 'Psycho Circus' and later on they would be rehearsing for the 'Psycho Circus' tour in LA.

According to Wendy Moore's novel "Into the Void", Ace and she hit it off immediately and she ended up spending the night with him.

In her novel "Into the void" Wendy claims she became addicted to cocaine as she became Ace's Personal Assistant and girlfriend.

Excerpt from Novel:

"The only times Ace would sort of clean up his act was when his daughter Monique, who was living with her mom (who still is Ace's wife, despite all of his girlfriends) in New York, came over to visit her dad for a few days every once in a while. Ace was doing cocaine and/or pills every day, and never seemed to travel anywhere without his coke."

There isn't that much dirt that Wendy doesn't reveal in her book, on not only Ace but other members of Kiss, especially Gene Simmons.

Janine Macdonald sat down to talk to Wendy Moore.

Q: What made you decide to write a tell-all book about Ace Frehley and Kiss?

A: I guess I felt that I had a story to tell. An adventure to share with the world. I was also getting tired of repeating "Ace stories." So now I can just say, "Read the book!"

Q: What makes this book any different than any of the other Kiss books out there?

A: I think it's the first book written from a woman's eye view of being in the middle of the "Ace Frehley storm". My book is more detailed than any other written about him because I am a very detailed person. I wanted to give the fans all that I could about their favorite star. Right down to what kind of underwear he wore! All the things that I would want to know about my favorite star!

Q: Why would you suggest Kiss fans buy this book?

A: Because of everything I have just told you. What I hear alot is that it's a, "Real page turner", or "I couldn't put it down". It won't change your opinion of Ace. It just gives you the insight of how it was to be so close to him, good or bad. It was what it was.

Q: How did writing this book personally affect you?

A: Well, it's left me feeling wide open at all times. I guess I've always felt like an open book anyway my whole life. I've never had a filter so it's been pretty easy for me to be honest. I also feel a sense of acomplishment from having finished my book and some pressure for the next one. I also feel a sense of responsibility to stay clean and sober for the fans who are following my story. I also have a savings account for the first time in my life, and I have the book and the fans to thank for that.

Q: What attracted you to Ace Frehley in the first place?

A; Well I wrote about that in my book. Tall, black hair...that's all it took for me back then! We also had incredible chemistry from the start. Same sick sense of humor!

Q: When you started writing "Into The Void" was it written as something theraputic for yourself, or what were the thoughts running through your head?

A; I certainly wasn't thinking about anything theraputic at the time I started writing it. I think I was just trying to remember all the events that had happened during my time with Ace. I didn't realize the theraputic aspect of it until later after I got clean.

Q: Can you tell me a little about your background-what you did before you met Ace Frehley, how meeting him changed your life, the kind of life you lead now and the kind of life you lead after meeting Ace?

A: Well, I was just trying to get my music going, looking for a guitarist while living in Hollywood doing odd jobs. Meeting Ace has changed my life for obvious reasons and also echo in me to never take for granted the good things in life. And if I was famous how I would be more grateful and treat people better. The rest is going to be all answered in my next book entitled, "Out of the Void".

Q: Most Kiss fans are wildly protective of Ace Frehley, some blame Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons more for the break up of Kiss, rather than Ace. Do you think your book gives a different perspective of this, and if so, what?

A: Yes, Ace has always been my favorite as well, but I remain to be a very non-bias person. It must have been hell for Gene and Paul to work with Ace. I guess they could only take so much. There should be no blaming going on, things happen for a reason.

Q: Tell us about life after Kiss and Ace Frehley?

A: Sorry but that is for my next book!

Q: In writing this book what have you learnt from your own experiences?

A: I have learned that a person can totally lose their mind from cocaine abuse. I learned that cocaine was addictive. I learned what an addict I really was. It is a great reminder for me to not return to it. I learned about my own unhealthy boundaries and choices in people that I surrounded myself with. God Damn what a "people pleaser" I used to be!

Q: Do you think your experiences have made you stronger, and in what way?

A: Of course I'm stronger. I went to the depths of hell with my addictions and turned my life and my will around.

Q: You mention in "Into The Void" that Ace Frehley ‘forced’ you to take drugs, I guess most people would automatically ask how someone could force a 28-year old to take drugs, and why didn’t you say no?

A: Well, at some points he would expect me to work solid through 2 days in a row without sleep. There was no way I could do that without the cocaine. I felt pressured because he would say,"Come on!" He also wasn't someone who liked to party alone. He needed me to be his partner in crime. He would place a plate of coke under my nose when I was the one who couldn't get out of bed for a change! Yes, I was 28 years old but also very naive and also a very big "People pleaser" who didn't have any boundaries to say ,"No". That, by the way, besides placing myself in these positions was all my own doing on MY part (but Ace most likely saw these attributes and preyed on them).

Q: You mentioned that you were Ace Frehley's personal assistant, how long was this for, and what happened to make you decide enough was enough?

A: For about a year and a half I suppose. I didn't decide anything. Ace did. Because I fell in love with Josh, Ace replaced me very quickly.

Q: Most Kiss fans might seem a little hesitant to believe what you have written, some may even site that you have contradictions throughout the book. What would you say to those people who believe you are only in it for the money and are skeptical of your writing a tell all book about Ace Frehley?

A: I can explain any questions they may have if I contradicted myself. I still contradict myself to this day! But it is still all true. This book isn't enough to be in it for just the money. I haven't made that much from it yet! Skeptics always say the same things-when they don't like something they want to say that it was done for the money. Of course I knew I would make some money from it,..I'm not stupid. But I'm also very proud of the work I've done.

Q: What are you personally getting out of writing a tell-all about your experiences with Ace Frehley?

A: I think you already asked me this one. But I will say that the joy that I have brought fans and recovering addicts has made me feel really good. If my experiences have helped one person I will be satisfied.

Q: What happens next for you? Where do Wendy Moore goes next with her life?

A: Book number 2, "OUT OF THE VOID." I would like for my band to get signed and for me to find a nice jewish boy to marry, or should I say a nice "Hebrewtron" as Ace would say! HA!



Technical Capabilities

Like any entertainment company, technology is an important part of Crosswired Entertainment’s foundation. Every product developed by Crosswired Entertainment has been designed, manufactured and produced to the highest standards and over time, as our product range has grown so have our technical capabilities.

Crosswired Entertainment has a dedicated team, who are graduates of the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Public Relations)
  • Professional Writing and Editing
  • Media

Our Xwired TV team have had work experience in the following fields:

  • Journalism
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Final Cut Pro/editing
  • Public Relations
  • Web Design
  • Set Design
  • Photography
  • Camera operating
  • TV/Film production

Our Products:

  • Xwired online
  • Xwired TV
  • Xwired Radio



An important part of an entertainment website is the writers that contribute whether it is through interviews, feature articles, reviews, or simply just news.

Crosswired online wants our readers to know our writers.

Currently our writing crew consists of Janine Macdonald, David Griffiths, and Luke Marten, Casper Davies, and Kyle McGrath.

Janine Macdonald

Janine Macdonald is a Bachelor of Arts graduate,in which she majored in Journalism and Public Relations.

She has been writing for Crosswired online since the beginning of its creation, and is responsible for the design of Crosswired online's website.

As well as a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Janine also has a degree in Professional Writing and Editing and Media Communication.

In the past Janine has worked for several different music websites including Faster Louder and has worked for several different magazines and fanzines including a Brazilian Kiss Army Fanzine.

When not aiding in the design of the website, and working as a freelance Journalist she also works as a Public Relations practitioner.

In here career as a Journalist she has had the chance to interview members of Kiss, Slaughter, Sebastian Bach, and Eric Singer to name a few.

Janine's Top Ten Bands

01. Jack Johnson

02. Bon Jovi

03. Jeff Buckley

04. U2

05. Nickelback

06. Kiss

07. Tim McGraw

08. Maroon five

09. Matchbox twenty

10. Keith Urban

Janine's Top ten Favourite songs

01. Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley

02. With or without you-U2

03. American Pie-Don McLean

04. Here comes the sun-The Beatles

05. Brown eyed girl-Van Morrison

06. Space Oddity-David Bowie

07. last kiss-Pearl Jam

08. Shandi-Kiss

09. Tijuana Jail-Gilby Clarke

10. Everywhere-Tim McGraw

Janine's Top Five movies

01. Interview with the Vampire

02. Dogma

03. The Third Man

04. Psycho

05. Dirty Dancing

Janine's Top Five Novels

01. The Stand by Stephen King

02. Kiss the girls-James Patterson

03. All the pretty horses-Cormac McCarthy

04. The Mummy-Anne Rice

05. The vampire chronicles by Anne Rice


David Griffiths

David Griffiths was once described in a writing anthology as one of Melbourne’s most promising and talented writers’. Surprising since his high school teachers thought he wouldn’t amount to much as he chose to ignore classes like science and math and instead follow his heroes like Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan and focus all his attention on Drama and Music. He also chose to listen in Literature and English.      

Since then David has studied Mass Media Communications, Literature, Film and Television as well as Professional Writing and Editing.Today he works for Southern Television as Pre-Production Manager and also does some work in radio as well as working on various screenplays and novels (some of which you can view on this website). You may have also have seen some of his reviews appearing in various publications.

In the past David has had a number of his screenplays appear on television and has had plays such as ‘When Irish Boys Are Dying’ and ‘The Puppy And The Goldfish’ performed professionally in Melbourne. He has also written a number of short stories and has shot many short films including ‘Park Girl’, ‘Undercover Guilt’ and ‘She’s Perfect’.David hasn’t lost his interest in music and in his spare time enjoys writing new music.

He also has a very large CD, DVD and video (yes he’s old enough to have the things that cam out before DVD’s) collection.

David's Top Ten Bands

01. Oasis

02. Paul Kelly

03. Nirvana

04. Nightwish

05. Smashing Pumpkins

06. Courtney Love

07. The Cranberries

08. Lil Kim

09. John Butler Trio

10. Garbag

David's Top ten songs

01. Golden years by David Bowie

02. When I first met your ma-Paul Kelly

03. Saltwater-Julian Lennon

04. Hazard-Richard Marx

05. Zombie-The Cranberries

06. heartshaped box-Nirvana

07. 1979-Smashing Pumpkins

08. Bat out of hell-Meatloaf

09. Death defy-Motorace

10. white monkey-Danielle Spencer

David's Five top movies

01. Chasing Amy

02. Trainspotting

03. Picnic at hanging rock

04. Bully

05. envy

David's Five top novels

01. The Infernal-Kym Wilkins

02. The Beach-Alex Garland

03. Green Light-Ray Mooney

04. Trainspotting-Irvan Welsh

05. The Vampire Chronicles-Anne Rice

Luke Marten

Luke graduated from Holmesglen College of Tafe in 2002, where he received a Diploma for Writing and Editing. He didn't want to be a Journalist, and his main interest in Writing was novel and screenplays.

Currently doing a degree in IT, in which he will eventually become a qualified microsoft computer expert, he is also in his sparetime writing a television show.

Luke brings to Crosswired online a very broad range of musical tastes, and has an passionate and keen interest in different genres. It is something that he enjoys sharing with other people.

Luke's Top Ten Favourite Bands

01. our lady peace

02. sevendust

03. Megadeth

04. Tool

05. Fear Factory

06. Spineshank

07. Life Imitating

08. Stabbing Westward

09. The Offspring

10. Alice in Chains

Luke's top Ten TV Shows

01. Buffy

02 .Roswell

03. Dawson's Creek

04 .One Tree Hill

05. Angel

06. Felicity

07. Smallville

08. Stargate SG-1

09 Brimstone

10. Party of Five

Luke's Top Five Movies

01. Fight club

02. I know what you did last summer

03. Chopper

04. Memento

05. Star Wars saga


Luke's Top Five novels

01. Messiah-Boris Starling

02. The Dark Field- Alan Glynn

03. Anita Blake books- Laurell K Hamilton

04. Icarus- Russell Andrews

05. A Green Light-Ray Mooney


Casper Davies

Casper has been in radio for four years, currently working for Radio Port Phillip while he also works for Southern Television. At Southern Television he works as on air presenter, and has worked on programmes such as Pathways, and Community TV. He is also one of the co-hosts for our soon to be aired x-wired TV.

A n esteemed electronica artist, he has produced several albums and has a new one coming out this year.

Casper listens to everything from Beethoven to heavy Metal, enjoying a broad taste of music, movies and books.        

Casper's Top Ten Favourite Bands

01. Pink Floyd

02. David Bowie

03. Kraftwerk

04. skinny puppy

05. Lolita Storm

06. Panacea

07. Beethoven

08. Negativeland

09. Devo

10. Kate Bush

Casper's top Ten Songs

01. Laughing Knome-David Bowie

02. Beautiful world-Devo

03. Set the controls for the heart of the sun-Pink Floyd

04. Happy birthday-mum and dad

05. I am the Walrus-The Beatles

06. Girl from Iponema-various

07. radioactivity-Kraftwerk

08. Beethoven's 5th symphony

09. stayin alive-The Bee Gees

10. Sex Ima-Berlin

Casper's Top Five Movies

01. Charlie and the Chocolate factory (original)

02. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

03. Time Machine (original)

04. Blade Runner

05. West World

Casper's Top Five novels

01. Origin Of Conscessness And THe Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind by Professor Julian Jaynes

02. Brave Neew World by Huxley

03. Go Ask Alice

04. Animal Farm-George orwell

05. Karma Sutra

Kyle McGrath


Kyle works for Southern Television, and has been there for just over a year, where he has become an expert audio and cameraman. He is one of the very few entertainment reporters to gain access to the Ghostrider's set in Melbourne.

Another of his career highlight's include being chased by the My Restaurant rules contestants.

He has also filmed a number of bands videoclips, such as clips for the Almaboobies and Tremedy.

He has a passionate love for anime and foreign films. He also loves cult films.

Kyle's Top Ten Favourite Bands

01. DVDA

02. D12

03. CKY

04. HIM

05. Tenacious D

06. Electric six

07. Chassis

08. Queen

09. Starsailor

10. Eminem


Kyle's top Ten Songs

01. Lose yourself-Eminem

02. Danger high voltage-Electric Six

03. Gaybar-Electric six

04. Radio Ga ga-Queen

05. Flesh into gear-CKY

06. 96 quiet bitter beings-HIM

07. Join me in death-Starsailor

08. Way to fall-Chassis

09. DMIRTY-Tenacious D

10. Tribute-Tenacious D

Kyle's Top Five Movies

01. Lord of the rings

02. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

03. American Psycho

04. Fear and loathing

05. Fightclub

Kyle's Top Five novels

01. Lord of the Rings-JR Tolkien

02. American Psycho

03. Fightclub

04. Fear and loathing

05. The bourne identity

Profiles written by Janine Macdonald